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About School

Swami Janardan ji Paramhans was born in East Bengal (at present in Bangladesh) in a Brahmin family. His father Shri Shyam Charan Ganguli and mother khirda Devi were very religious in nature. Swami ji was very straight forward and kind hearted since childhood. His father died at the age of 12years and he was very much shocked and left the house in search of 'TRUTH ".

Swami Ji came to Rishikesh in the year 1960 and realized that due to non-availability of education centre’s for people of Tehri Garhwal were poor and far behind in the society. He felt that there was an urgent need of education for the development of children as well as the society. He decided to establish a school for children in the society in Tehri Garhwal. He established Shri Purnanand Intermediate College on 17th Feb 1963 at Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh, Tehri Garhwal. Foundation stone was laid by Shri Jugal Kishore, the Education Minister of uttar Pradesh, and disciple of Swami Janardan Ji Paramhans. School was recognized as High School in the year 1980 and as Intermediate college in the year 1987 by Education Department.

Swami Purnanand Degree College of Technical Education was established and approved by Uttrakhand Technical University in 2011-12. Swami Ji had taken Mahasamadhi on 28th April 1980. Now Swami Guruprasad Ji Paramhans is the Sanrakshak of the school.

We Are………

Set up reversed Swami Janardan Paramhans

Under Patronage of His Holiness Swami Guru Prasad ji Paramhans

Shri Purnanand Vidhya Niketan Samiti – set up over 5 Decades ago

Dedicated to the field of learning and Education

Three Institutions repute

      Shri Purnanand Public School

      Shri Purnanand Intermediate College

      Swami Purnanand Degree College Of Technical Education









Silent Features

The school has been able to achieve this through:


We have introduced digital classrooms or 'smart classes'. Innovative teaching methodology aided by unique assessment benefit our pupils across branches.


Science curriculum has theories, laws and formulate which we encourage students to learn through exploration and observation, investigation and experimentation. Our aim is to reduce the gap between theoretical learning and application.


Our aim is to bridge the digital divide and help students to build their IT skills. The lab is an extension of real world learning which helps children to also decide professions related to IT.


In RE the children have two main areas of focus:

Learning about Religion: This includes the ability to build a coherent picture of religion, explain the meanings of religious language, stories and symbolism and explain similarities and differences between, and within, religions.

Learning from Religion: This includes the ability to respond to religious and moral issues in an informed and considered manner, reflect on what might be learnt from religion in the light of personal beliefs and life experience and identify and respond to the question of meaning within religion.

We focus on religious values and fostering an understanding, tolerance and respect towards others.